We’ve got 3 quick steps for you to get dialed in. Check your email (even your promotions tab or spam!)

Sign up email will come from
email address automation@hellowalla.com Click the link to create your login and add a new password for your Walla account (be sure to save it somewhere safe for future reference!)Go to our website (include link!) and login to view your account details.  Be sure to ADD YOUR CREDIT CARD to your account as it takes 7-10 days for credit cards to be imported to your account!

Your account will be set up once you complete these 3 steps.

You will see your active membership or package in your account details. **If you DO NOT see your membership in your profile within 24 hours, please let us know! We will get it fixed immediately.  Last but not least, book your next class! We are excited to try the new system, and there’s no better way than having our clients sign up, check it out, and take classes.

And that’s it! We’re here to help if you need it!