Class types

Warm Beginner Vinyasa Flow

A warm beginner level flow focusing on foundations, alignment, and breath. Great for first timers or anyone wanting to bring it back to the basics! Class will move at a slow - intermediate pace, with additional instructions for modifications and breaking down poses to build them from the ground up. Have a question about a pose you’ve been meaning to ask? Let our instructor know you’d like to workshop it before class and we’ll do our best to add it in. Room will be warm, 80 degrees, no steam will be used.

All Levels Vinyasa Flow

All levels hot vinyasa flow. Similar to our power vinyasa flow, this is an athletic and challenging class that is heated to 90 degrees with 75% humidity. It combines creative sequencing, strength, flexibility, breath, music, and meditation. Our all levels flow will move at a slightly slower pace than our power, with a bigger focus on alignment and modifications. You can still expect to sweat! This is the perfect intermediate level class for all students, beginners through advanced.

Power Vinyasa Flow

Signature hot power vinyasa flow. The temperature is set to 90 degrees with 75% humidity and uses breath and beats to motivate you through an athletic practice. This class is as fun as it is challenging, with a focus on creative power sequencing, strength, flexibility, and meditation in motion. Are you a beginner? No worries! Each class can meet you where you are at in your practice and be modified for your body and experience level. Beginner through advanced practitioners are welcome.

Private Group and Individual Classes Available By Request

Private classes are designed to give you exactly what you’re looking for. The instructor can lead you through a practice that is tailored to your own body. You can leave it up to the instructor or you can customize this class, choosing the level, temperature, music, whatever you want. If you are a first timer but hesitant to jump into a full class, a private is a great introduction to the basics of yoga to prepare you. Usually only one private will get you ready for class! Price dependent on group number.