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Athletes from Tom Brady and Lebron James to Russel Wilson and Victor Cruz have two things in common.
1. The are elite athletes and experts at their craft
2. They all practice YOGA! 

Yoga is gaining in popularity across the board, but specifically for professional athletes,
who are quickly realizing the immense efforts a one hour practice has on their training regimen
and overall well-being.

A One Hour Team Session is $250 and can be booked any time we don't have a
regularly scheduled class.

Some of the Potential Benefits of Yoga for Athletes Include

Increased Flexibility - More flexibility in your muscles and joints leads to a greater range of motion which
can help reduce your chances of injury or muscle strain.
Builds Core Strength - Abdominal and back strength are necessary for all activities, but especially for athletes,
in which back injuries are quite common. Yoga reduces back pain, making movement more fluid and pain free.
Improves Balance - The better the balance, the better the athlete.You can accomplish more when you’re
able to stay on your feet!More balance means more body control, which is crucial to any sport.
Reduces Stress - More than half battle for athletes occurs in the mind, not the body. Through yoga, athletes learn breathing and meditation techniques to improve focus and concentration, even during
the most high pressure game situations. Master your mind, master your body, improve your game.

We can provide an all levels basic beginner flow, or a specific flow upon request for any areas you wish to target.
Every athlete is looking for that extra edge to get ahead, and yoga just might be the key. S
oul Sweat offers one hour private sessions to teams, which can be tailored specifically to your sport.

Court, owner of Soul Sweat, has experience working with many different athletes, including:
Daniel Hand High School Football, Field Hockey, Baseball; Yale Baseball Team; Mohegan Sun WNBA Team;
Jason Witten, of the Dallas Cowboys; and many other athletes over the years.

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